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March 23 2020

Talking to your children about the Coronavirus

Ben Swain

Whilst we have spoken to the children at school about the coronavirus in terms of ensuring good personal hygiene practice, as I’m sure you have been doing at home, you may find that your child still has some unanswered questions. Below are some links to information that you can use and share with your child. This information may also be found on our website.

1) This is a great little film that explains the virus to children (it’s also handy for adults too!). It is only about 4-minutes long. Nanogirl is a nanotechnologist and science educator based in New Zealand.

2) This website contains important information about mental health.

3) This link will take you to a social story designed for children to explain the virus and the changes that might happen in the children’s lives as a result of the pandemic. t%20coronavirus.pdf This handy A4 sheet from the British Psychological Society gives some ideas on how to talk to your child about the coronavirus

5) This website contains another little book about the virus. In addition the book is presented in many different languages.