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December 21 2016

Parent Forum

Ben Swain

Parent Forums are termly events set up by members of the governing body Parent Liaison Team plus school senior leaders.   All parents are invited to come along to find out information about what is happening at school, in the curriculum and ways of supporting your children at home.  Previous forums have looked at a wide range of subjects including e-Safety, Building Learning Powers plus aspects of priority areas identified in the School Development and Improvement Plan.

Latest Forum:

How to Support Your Child’s Learning Over Summer
Friday 14th June.

Previous Forums:

Thank you to everyone who came along to the parent forum on Friday 29th March. Ben Swain and Michelle Nichols gave an informative and engaging presentation on Writing. As well as covering what the age related expectations are for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, they also shared some lovely creative, fun and practical ideas about how parents can help their children to develop key skills.

Writing is encouraged and developed in the Early Years Foundation Stage through to the end of Key Stage 1 via a whole range and variety of approaches. From initial mark marking, building physical strength and gross motor skills, to starting to form the letters and improve fine motor skills.  Gradually, with lots of practice and support, marks turn into pre-cursive letters, phonemes can be made into graphemes and phonetic sentences are produced.  Moving towards Key Stage 1 more high frequency words are introduced, along with punctuation and guidance on how page layout, spacing and letter shape.  Many children are able to produce impressively detailed accounts of The Great Fire of London at end of Year 2.

It is a developmental process where it is OK and expected to make mistakes. Parents were encouraged to model writing and find fun and creative opportunities to practise at home!  The slides from this excellent presentation are available to the right and in the Learning Resources section. All in all this was an excellent presentation with lots of takeaways for parents.

Governors try to be present at as many school events as possible, so please do come and speak to us to find out about our role in school. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions, especially for future forums. Thank you.


Jenny Sullivan, Governor & member of the Community Cohesion Group


Parent Forums for this school year (all start just after drop-off in the school hall):

Friday 14th June  :  Topic tbc