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December 21 2016

Parent Forum

Ben Swain

Parent Forums are a termly forums set up by members of the governing body Community Cohesion Group (CoCo) plus school senior leaders. All parents are invited to come along to find out information about what is happening at school, in the curriculum and ways of supporting your children at home. Recent forums have looked at eSafety and the Computing Curriculum, Building Learning Powers as well as the School Development and Improvement Plan.

Latest Forum -Computing Curriculum,  eSafety and school website

Thank you to everyone who came along to the parent forum on Computing on Monday 20th March. Ben Swain gave an informative, eye opening and at times fun presentation on ICT this week at the parent forum. As well as covering the curriculum for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, he also discussed what e-safety means and how parents can help educate their children on being safe online; finally the new school website was discussed.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum instils in children a curiosity for technology and the world around them. Logical thinking is encouraged and developed through a variety of aids such as BeeBot and Scratch. The focus of Computing education is on programming and these aids help build the logical thinking skills required for children to program in the future. E-safety was then discussed and parents were encouraged to keep in mind – content, contact, and conduct – when thinking of e-safety. The slides from this excellent presentation are available to the right and more information about eSafety can be found in the Learning Resources section!

Finally, the new website was presented and discussed with parents; Mr Swain explained why it was developed and where to find information on it. All in all this was an excellent introduction with lots of takeaways for parents. The school would welcome your feedback on the new website. To this end, there is a link to an online questionnaire about our new website here. We would be grateful if you could take time to complete this. Thank you.

Raza Jaffrey, Governor & member of the Community Cohesion Group

Next Parent Forum agenda and date: TBA